Events for 2019

This page is dedicated to events that are happening in and through the FBC Student Ministry. Please make a habit of checking back to see new events that are added to the calendar and info for those events! 

Super SUmmer 2019

Super Summer is a leadership camp for students! IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! There is a detailed list of requirements that should be accomplished before consideration is given for attendance.  We have a group of students 8-12th grade and college going, and being a part of this awesome week! To see that list of requirements and to know more about Super Summer, click the link below.

If you are a college student interested in being a TL(team leader) you can click the picture on the right and you can access the application. Please don't hesitate to come by Pastor Nate's office and talk with him about this opportunity or call him at his office.

Registration is MARCH 1st.  Please let Bro Nathan know now if you are going!

Fall Retreat August 2019

Plans are being made... for a retreat this fall!

The things we do know-

Dates: August 9-10, 2019

Where: Timber Creek Camp, Forrest, MS

Who: FBC Students and one or both of their parents

Speaker: Gary Permenter

Worship: Chris Layton

Contact Bro Nathan ASAP to reserve your spot(s)! You dont wanna miss this!

See You at the Pole 2019

See You At The Pole is a special day set aside for prayer.  SYATP is a student led time of prayer at or around the flag pole at each attendance center.  Our students will be involved with and help lead the students from all over Kosciusko join in prayer for:

-each other

-our families

-our churches

-our schools

   -teachers, principles, and administration

-our state and it's leaders

   -representatives, senators, governors

-our country and it's leaders

   -senate, congress, president and vice president

-our military

   -deployed and stateside