At FBC Kosciusko, we desire students to pursue a passionate relationship with Christ and be engaged by and involved in evangelism, discipleship, and missions. It is our ultimate goal to have students worshipping, growing, and serving in our church with their families, alongside other believers.

Flex spiritual summer regiment  

Click on the image to access the PDF that has a list of electives to complete for the summer! I know that with our summer schedules in full effect, we have a little more free time.  This is a list of things students can do for credit. At the end of the summer we will tally the elective credits and there will be a significant benefit for those who score the most credits.  Work hard! Let the Lord flex your spiritual muscles! Let Him stretch your faith. Don't just do it for the benefit coming at the end of the summer, but do it for the benefit of the journey....

Revive - Wednesdays

Revive is students gathering for worship on Wednesday nights during the school year, Students will be led in worship with our worship band and hear about the Love the God through preaching, teaching and testimony! Students have the opportunity to volunteer each week in the execution of REVIVE, whether through filming videos, leading worship, or sharing their testimonies. 

We want our students to engage the many ministries available at FBC Kosciusko and be a vital part of what is going on here.  We want our students to KNOW our Savior.  We want our students to GROW in their walk with the Lord and in their faith in Him.  We desire to be intentional with discipleship and in walking through each and every part of life with our students.  Come see what is going on at FBC Kosciusko! You'll be so glad you did!

Join us Wednesdays for Dinner at 5PM as we eat together
in the Gym($2-$4), and then REVIVE from 6:00 - 7:00 PM in the Son Building!

FBC Students - Sundays

On Sunday mornings, students have an opportunity to meet with their small groups (Sunday School class and Next Steps) and study the Word together under the direction of dedicated adult leaders. 

Sunday School is at 9:00am and Next Steps starts at 5:30pm.