Member services

Welcome to FBCK membership directory launch page. This is a cloud-based church management software that FBC is now using for recording membership. This program can be accessed from your computer or I-Phone/I-Pad (only Android and IOS are accepted smart phone operating systems at this time.)

If you are already a registered church directory member, click below on "Log in to FBCK directory."

If you have not registered yet, you will need to fill out the form below (Member Directory Sign-up) to submit it to our church staff. When registration is approved, you will receive, in a separate email, a message containing your username and password (which you can change when you log-in the first time). Once you log-in on your computer, drag the link to your desktop for easy future access. From here, review/update yourself/family information first (you can edit only your information or if you are the primary person in the family you can edit all family members information). Once you make changes, the system will notify the church office for approval before you will see the changes made to your record. 


Also at the top of the screen a Directory is listed, from here you can look up church members for phone numbers and addresses.    


From your mobile device, go to your app store and download the ShelbyNext/ Membership application. When you launch the application, you will need to enter your domain, Username, and Password. 


Our membership domain is